Saturday, July 12, 2014

Fully embracing masturbation as my way of life, and loving every second of it!!!!

There is nothing that even comes close to comparing to the awesome feeling of masturbating!! I've been pounding my cock for around two whole fucking days in this session, holy shit I can't get enough of the way the feelings totally fill and consume every last bit of my body. The way the energy of orgasm totally engulfs me with un fucking believable amounts of total fucking bliss, I fucking can't get enough of it!!! I never want to stop pounding my fist up and down my fucking cock, the orgasm I have been in the edge of since yesterday is so fucking intense I can't fucking believe it!! It keeps building and building, I am fucking totally consumed by the fucking awesomeness of it pulsing through my body over and over, stronger and stronger!
I am going to keep edging this fucking orgasm and see just how much more I can take of this insane fucking pleasure I am experiencing over my whole fucking naked body!!!! This is fucking crazy, how much I fucking can't get enough of this feeling that floods out of my rock hard cock!!!! 

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