Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Step sister gets drunk and lets me fuck her again!!

I was looking at her amazing body lying naked on my couch as I fucked my FleshLight like it was her pussy. I was mezmorized by her beauty and couldn't take my eyes off of her body. She woke up with a nasty hangover and it took a few beers before she started to feel better. Her hangover didn't keep her from telling me what a fucking loser pervert she thinks I am, if anything it probably made it worse.
I was insulted and made fun of viciously, starting from way back when I moved to California she laughed at how every one knew what a little jerk off boy I was. It was very embarrassing to hear her talk about every one, and I mean EVERY ONE, knew how much I masturbated, and laughed about it often!! She told me how some people thought I would grow out of it, but she knew all along that I would never change, that I would always be a pathetic chronic masturbator. I was told that I should be more grateful for the huge favor she did letting me fuck some one as hot as she is, and how if it wasn't for pity I wouldn't get any real woman to have sex with me.
After at least a dozen beers she had me go get her a couple bottles of liquor. When I got back she was just getting out of the shower, I figured she was going to get dressed and leave soon. That was not what happened though, after drying her hair she sat back down on the couch totally naked and began drinking the liquor I went and got for her. She seemed to enjoy making me admit the details of what a jerk off I really am, how all I want to do is beat my meat all the time.  She was teasing me with her smoking hot naked body as I jacked off to her. She loved having me admit how hot I think she has always been, how I used to jack off and fantasize about her the most when we were in our teens.
As she gets really drunk she gets mean, nasty, and very verbally abusive. Then she decides that it is time for me to give her a serious fucking. She tells me that it doesn't make up for how much of a jerk off I am but my ability to fuck the shit out of her is the only reason she is here. I can't believe I get to fuck her smoking hot body, I am so fucking turned on it is difficult to keep from cumming right away. I kept pounding that pussy hard in every position I could think of, she moaned she was cumming several times. Her moaning got louder as I kept fucking her till she was practically screaming. After totally abusing her pussy I got ready to cum, hearing her screaming how she was cumming again and seeing her fucking amazing tits bouncing around made my orgasm super intense!! I pulled out and started jacking it as I aimed for her face and showered her face and hair with cum. She was pretty upset I "missed" her tits again, but I'm pretty sure she was to drunk to remember what I did in th morning.

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  1. You are a role model to me and I am sure to many masturbators out there too.
    I love your adventures with your hot step sister and your taste for women to masturbate with. Does you step sister knows about the blog ?