Friday, June 20, 2014

Step mother catches me balls deep in my step sisters ass!!

I REALLY love fucking my step sister, she is so fucking hot it's unbelievable!! I fuck the shit out of her and was getting tired of her attitude so I made up my mind to pound her in the ass real hard. After she got so fucking drunk she was slurring her words she decided it was time for me to fuck the shit out of her.
I was doing an outstanding job of pounding that pussy hard, real hard. She was moaning about how she was going to cum when I pulled out and poured some astroglide on my cock as I slid it in her ass. She was mad as hell and kept ordering me to get my dick out of her ass, I just kept on fucking, harder and harder.
I was balls deep in her ass as she is demanding I pull my dick out of her ass when I look up and see my step mother walking in the door and she doesn't look happy to see what I'm doing to her daughter. I stop fucking her ass and am staring at my step mom with my cock totally buried in her daughter tight asshole. My step sister sees her mom standing right next to us and realises how pissed off Pat is and starts begging for forgiveness. Pat orders me to get my cock out of her daughters ass, of course I do as I'm told and as the tip of my dick slides out of her ass I feel the sting of Pat spanking my ass real hard..
Pat pushed me down onto the couch and made me confess out loud what a jerk off loser I am and have always been. My stepsister had to tell Pat that she was not interested in a loser like me for anthing other than entertainment and perhaps a good fucking if absolutely no other options were available.
They had a great time going over all the things I did that prove what an absolutely worthless chronic masturbator I have always been. I had to convince them that I knew that I wasn't even worth the gift of being able to servcice anyone as hot as my sister, and how I was never going to be worthy of fucking her ass.
Of course Pat had to show what a jerk toy I am by making me fuck my blow up doll in front of them, as always I had to pretend it was a real woman and the best fuck I ever had.. They laughed and teased me while I put on the fuck show for them, when I was ready to cum I had to lay with my legs over my head so my cock was pointing down at my face. I had a super intense orgasm as I moaned loudly that I was cumming and big loads of cum shot onto my face. When I was done I was drenched in my cum which Pat said was a good look for me and I was not allowed to clean any of it up. I was told I was going to be punished for fucking my sister in the ass, and that I would not be told what it was, just that it would be some of the most humiliating shit that ever happened to me.. They got up and laughed at me sitting there with cum all over my face and hair as they walked out the door..

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