Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stepmom and her best friend come home from bar drunk and walk in on me fucking my FleshLight, I felt humiliated!

About two weeks ago I was fucking my Fleshlight hard and getting close to cumming when my stepmom Pat and her best friend Sherri walked in and started laughing at me... They were both drunk and the sight of me kneeling in front of the couch fucking my fleshlight which was shoved between the cushions, sent them into hysterical laughter. It was so humiliating to get caught fucking my fleshlight like that and of course they wouldn't let me stop. They teased and laughed and directed me on how to fuck it. Pat sat on couch right in front of me and teased me as she took of clothes and pretended like I was fucking her.. She kept rubbing her titties all over my face and talked major shit as I struggled not to cum. This lasted for a little more than an hour till I was finally given permission to cum..
Pat told me to cum on her tits and my aim was way off as I sprayed her face with cum!! She was pretty pissed off but I thought it was funny as hell and so did Sherri!!
Pat passed out on the couch about twenty minutes later!! I write another post about what happened the next morning!!

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