Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stepmom gets mad when she wakes up and see's me fucking the shit out of her best friend!!

I was jerking off and looking at Sherri's hot body when she woke up and took off her clothes and we started fucking. I really like fucking her hot body and seeing her big tits bounce around!! She was laying on the coffee table as I was holding her legs wide open and I was fucking her hard when Pat woke up. She woke up to us fucking less than three feet away from her sleeping and right away she was mad. She started talkng trash about how it was funnier when they waled in last night and caught me fucking my fleshlight stuffed in the couch.. Then she left and returned eating a bowl of cereal and sat watching us fuck. She directed me as to how she wanted to see her friend get fucked for over an hour before I was allowed to cum. Pat was still pissed about my spraying cum all over her face and she talked Sherri into having me cum on her face. She laughed as she watched me cum all over her friends face!!

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