Friday, December 17, 2010

To me Masturbation is more of a lifestyle than an addiction!!!

I LOVE to masturbate, I constantly jerk off, I stroke my big fat cock all day and sometimes all night too!! An addiction is something you try to quit, I want to masturbate more, I don't feel bad about what I am and I try not to hide it. I am a seriously chronic and constant masturbator and don't care who knows and readily tell everyone who doesn't know.  I don't think everyone should masturbate as much as I do, but I do think everyone should masturbate at least once in a while.

Here are a few if the women I am beating off to right now..

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  1. You may be right if you define an addict as one who wants to stop doing what they're addicted to. I my case, I'm addicted to masturbation but I've never considered trying to stop or reduce my beatin' off. I have no intention of to change my masturbation habits so I guess you can say that I've made the same life style choice.