Sunday, December 5, 2010

Given to gay couple for the night to be a naked servent at their friends party!

They were throwing a friend a birthday party and thought it would be a hoot to have me as a slave for the evening. I spent the night getting drinks for the crowd and other servant type stuff. I was totally nude of course and was required to keep my cock hard, but I was not to stroke it in front of the guests (unless asked too). I did good i think, every time I could duck out of sight I would pound my cock and it would stay hard for 5-10 minutes then I would find a spot to jerk it some more. I didn't have to beat off for anyone till near the end of the party when the guest of honor wanted to see how far I could shoot cum, I shot a load that landed on a guest that was half the living room away. Everyone paid less attention to that than to the face I made when I came, they thought it was fucking hilarious...

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