Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stepmother has me filling strangers gas tanks and cleaning windows completely naked!

I've been filling stepmothers tank for a while now. She takes me to a gas station with an almost perfect setup to see if anyone is going to pull in, we go late at night when there is no attendant, etc.. A couple of nights ago a car pulls in and pulls up to the other side of the pump we are using, I begin to panic and start to climb in the suv when she smiles and orders me to stand and pump the gas while she goes over to the car that just pulled up. She came around the pump, flashed me an evil smile, and ordered me to fill their tank up, and clean all of the windows.
I walk around the pump and there are three woman laughing and pointing inside the car. I put the nozzle into the tank and begin pumping the gas, I then grab the squeegee and begin cleaning their windows while stroking my cock with my other hand. The girl in the back is mesmerized and the two up front are laughing so hard tears are running down their faces! I can hear them talking about what a loser I am and that it is a shame such a nice big cock is wasted on a loser like me. I finish the windows as the nozzle shuts off, I put it back and they drive off cheering and laughing.
I put stepmoms gas cap back on and she laughs as I climb into the suv. She though that was the fucking best thing ever, and told me I would be doing stuff like that a lot more often. She teased me about liking it and when I asked how she knew that she said my cock was harder than she had seen it in a long time! She laughed at me for my face being so red with embarrassment while I was pumping gas for those girls!!
I have to admit I really did like it!! I just wish she didn't know how much!!

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  1. I like the way your new family especially your impressive Stepmother are guiding you ever deeper into your desires.You are a valuable resources for their anger and ability to humiliate males.