Monday, November 29, 2010

Step sisters snobby friend from high school comes back to get fucked by me!!

Tricia was a complete fucking bitch in high school, she thought she was better than everyone. Her and her mother were here when I was humiliated with the video footage of me masturbating in high school, Tricia was particulary cruel to me that night. So it was a suprise when she walked into the house after Pat, my step mother had left for the bar. I was on the couch in the front room beating off when she came in. I told her Pat was gone already and she walked over and sat about two feet away from me. She told me that I had a nice cock, for a total jerk off perv, that is. She asked is she could stroke it for me and the rest is history. After about two strokes she began taking her clothes off, she was fondling her tits while she asked if I wanted to fuck her. I fucked her silly!! I don't think she was ready for the fucking that she got. I know she will be sore for a day or two as I tore that pussy up!!! She wanted me to cum on her tits so I sprayed her fucking bitch face with a huge load of cum, I did get some on her tits, after it dripped off her face...

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