Wednesday, November 3, 2010

During party I am forced to sit on front porch completely naked and jerk off!!

Before anybody had arrived I was told to go sit on the front porch, I did as I was told hoping that was all I was going to be made to do. I sat beating off as guests came and went, I know she got a kick out of it as some guests came that were more humiliating to me than others. My stepsisters were there and also a lot of their friends from back when we were teens and living together. It was more than I could handle at one point and as I started to get up to leave the front porch I was grabbed from behind and restrained to the chair I had been sitting on and I had to continue to sit there for everyone to see that all I have become is a chronic masturbator. Everyone got to see how I can't stop beating off, no matter what happens my hand is always on my cock!!

I have a couple of even more humiliating stories from that night that I will write separate posts about, believe me you won't want to miss them...


  1. That story made my cock so hard. To have all those beautiful sexy women see you as a chronic masturbator who can't do anything but stroke his cock and desperately fantasize about fucking them.

    1. It is awesome to be so completely humiliated like that!! To have every female there know that I am nothing but a chronic masturbator and to laughed at because of it is more of a turn on than I can express!!