Friday, November 5, 2010

Feels too good to stop!!!

I  LOVE TO MASTURBATE!!!! In case you didn't already know, lol.. The way it feels to have my hand wrapped around my cock pounding up and down, hard and fast. I don't ever see myself spending less time wanking, and it is all I do!! I like watching the news and I love to read and I jack off while I do. I am not going to stop beating off to do anything else.. I am less and less interested in cumming as time goes by, it's the stroking that feels so fucking incredible to me. Up and down my hand glides on my cock, it is amazing how good it feels to be doing it. Lets not forget edging, and I admit I have been on the edge since early afternoon, fuck, talk about insane pleasure, oh shit yeah!! I believe the last time I came was last Monday and have no idea when I will be allowed to cum again. Now that I think about it, I haven't wore any clothes since July!!

So let me end this by saying once again that I LOVE BEATING OFF!!

Here is some of what I have been looking at today:

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