Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More helping cuckold husband of stepmoms friend!

I was dropped off early, around 6:00am, I stood next to the kitchen table and she made her husband kneel in front of me and stroke my big fat cock. She drank her coffee and talked to me for about an hour while he jerked me off. Our conversation alternated between humiliating her husband and general current events small talk. She then started making him worship my cock, completely humiliating him with what she made him admit and agree to. She made him smack his face with my hard cock while he begged me to service his wife because there is no way he could begin to please her with his tiny pin dick.
I was tied to a wall before they went to work, one arm above my head, the other restrained at my waist with just enough room to fuck my hand, so thats what i did all day. She got home first and she stripped out of her clothes as she walked across the room towards me, she undid the restraints and moved me to a table she, then climbed over me and began stroking my cock between her big tits. She restrained me spread eagle on the table then climbed on my rock hard cock and began riding me real hard. She let me that if my dick didn't stay hard as long as she wanted to ride it I was going to fucked by her and her big strap-on! She then began talking trash about her pin dicked husband, she was telling me how she was going to punish him when he got home for having such a pin prick when he walked out of the house into the backyard where she was riding my cock. He was naked of course, and it was obvious he didn't like the site of his beautiful wife fucking someone else!! She made him sit next to the table and beat his little dick while watching his wife fuck a big dick. She humiliated him as he beat off watching us, by the time she was getting ready to finish he was practically crying!!
That really made her mad and she went into the house and emerged putting on a big strap-on, she told him if he was going to act like a bitch he would be treated like one and she bent him over and started to fuck him, he protested that it wasn't fair to fuck him in front of someone. She laughed and told him he was going to be a real bitch and take two cocks, she had me stand in front of him as she pulled his hair back and shoved his face onto my cock. It was difficult to protest with my big cock slammed all the way into his mouth as she drilled him from behind. When she felt he had enough she told me to get ready to cum, and about a minute later had me spray cum all over her husbands face.
About 30 min later when I was told to wait at the end of the driveway, completely nude, till my ride showed up he still had my cum sprayed on his face!!

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