Monday, November 29, 2010

Added task to getting morning paper while completely naked, I now have to cum while at the paper box!!

It was started last week, I've been ordered to cum when I am at the paperbox. It has been thrilling so far to follow the rules, I've almost been seen a couple of times that I know of. I've been instructed that the cumming at the paper box is to continue until I am told otherwise...


  1. I like the idea of going out to get the paper, naked. I would like to do it with an erection.

    Actually, I have not collected the newspaper yet...

  2. Pump your fist up and down your erection while going to get the paper, it is an unbelievable experience!!

  3. You will eventually be spotted by a woman or women whilst fetching that paper and retching that cum from your balls.

    Its good training for you to be able to keep erect and wanking under all circumstances.

    They are demystifying the male genitalia by keeping you constantly naked whilst they are most of the time clothed.It demonstrates your inferiority to the Female sex.

    So glad to find another absolute chronic masturbator.I do it for 22 hours some days.The futures bright the futures chronic.