Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stepmom humiliates me in front of stepsisters, making me tell how I would get rock hard talking to her when I was a teen!!

The first time was like two days after I moved to California, I was going to my room, as I passed by the bathroom she called my name and said she wanted to talk to me. I stopped and turned towards the bathroom and she was standing there with a towel wrapped around her waist and she was drying her hair with another towel. She stopped drying her hair, picked up a brush and started brushuing her hair, I didn't know what to say or do as she was standing there with nothing covering her incredible tits. She began to talk about how she thought I was a wimpy little boy and how she wanted me to behave around her and her gorgeous daughters. After brushing her hair she began putting lotion on her arms, then body, and then her tits. She was standing in front of me putting lotion on her tits, rubbing them together, as she is telling me how I wouldn't have anyone as hot as her and her daughters. Her hands carressing and fondling her fucking incredible tits, she raised her voice and told me to stop staring, that we were family now and I better not be perverted, and even if we were not family there was no way someone like me would be able to get anyone like them.
As I'm telling the story she is interupting every sentence or so to fill in embarrassing details or put in her point
of view, that is when she can stop laughing enough to talk. Everyone is giggling and laughing as I am kneeling in front of every, holding my fleshlight on the coffetable while I am fucking it. She takes over telling the story and she is laughing while she is talking, as she says how my pants instantly had a huge bulge, and how she was enjoying tormenting me with her body. She was almost hysterical with laughter as she talked about the look on my face and the huge tent in my pants as she was putting lotion on her tits. Then she made me tell about how she ripped into me about the tent in my pants, and how I got real red in the face and turned and walked towards my room. She walked out of the bathroom and told me I better learn to control myself and that I better not be disgusting and go masturbate and think about family..
I didn't want her to catch me but my boner would not go away. I waited as long as I could then I pulled out my rock hard cock and it only took about a minute for me to cum. She was laughing as she told me she knew because she heard the floor sqeaking,  i thought she knew but wasn't sure, till now...

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