Monday, May 31, 2010

My favorite chore at the ranch was walking the dog!!

The first chore I was given when I got to the ranch was to walk the dog every morning. There was a trail that went along some hilltops behind the ranch, the trail was about 5 miles long and you could see the house along almost the entire trail. I had to follow all the rules while walking the dog including being completely naked and masturbating the entire time. A little past halfway there was a picnic table on the top of the highest hill along the trail, almost everyday I would sit and look at the amazing view as I beat my meat. Most mornings as the dog, Butch, and me would be returning to the house Mistress would be sitting on the patio drinking coffee with a pair of binoculars in front of her. Often she was not alone and one or more of her friends would be there, they would laugh and tease me about what they saw me doing along the way.
Depending on their mood I was often told to stand in front of them and continue masturbating while they finished their coffee. While all of Mistress's friend were hot, there were a few that I really had the hots for and Mistress loved to humiliate me in front of them. She would make me admit how bad I wanted them, and what I liked most about them, and what I was fantasizing about them, as I stood masturbating in front of them. They would laugh at me and tease and humiliate me as I confessed my lust.
I have many stories from walking the dog, I will of course keep posting them from time to time.

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