Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Finally back!!!!!!

It's been a lllloooooonnnngggg time since I was last able to post to my blog, I've got so many stories to share with everyone. I was out at a ranch for most of the last six months, I served completely naked the whole time, I had chores and duties to perform everyday, in addition to always stroking my cock, either with my hand or one of the many devices that were rigged up!! Mistress was amused and entertained by the non-stop masturbation and loved to show me off!!
I am currently staying in the pool house at my stepmothers house, and I am not allowed to wear clothes here either. My stepmothers best friend has been stopping by at least once a day to get fucked, so far Pat hasn't found out but that's just a matter of time...
It's good to be back!!!

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