Monday, May 31, 2010

Stepmother and friend tell me humiliating details about when they watched me masturbate when I was a teen

They knew every humiliating detail about my masturbation as a teen, proving they were watching me masturbate! They knew the grip I used most when I first moved to California and what I used most when I moved out. They knew where I kept my porn mags and how I would spread them out for a long jerk and page through them during a quickie. They described how I would sometimes fold a pillow over and fuck it while pretending i was fucking a girl. They know everything..
I found it humiliating to hear how they would laugh and giggle while watching me masturbate practically every night.
I had a serious crush on my step mother Pats best friend Sherri, she was (and still is) totally fucking hot. It is weird to find out she was watching me during what I thought were my most personal acts. She says she always liked what she saw, and thought I had a really great cock.

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