Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wore out another FleshLight, breaking in new one is a challenge!!

I really wore this last one out!!! I got one of the new Wonder Wave and it is real tight on my large cock. With the small end cap off I can only get about an hour of fucking it before I have to stop or I will cum. I fucked my last one two or three hours a day, every day, and I can't wit till this one is broken in so I can fuck it as much as my last one..
I am fucking pounding my cock in and out of my new FleshLight right now and it feels incredible!! This Wonder Wave insert produces some mind bending orgasms, and if at all possible you really should get one for yourself!!
I just got permission from my step mother Pat to cum, Yeah!!! I'm so close already... This is going to be a great one!!! Oh fuck yes!!!

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