Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ashley's mom Tina is a real freak and wants me to help with her cuckold husband.....

After fucking the shit out of Ashley her mom started coming over by herself.
The first couple of times she would tease me with her hot body, fondling her awesome tits right in my face. Making me beg for her to wrap her tits around my cock. She loves to have me tell her how horny she makes me and what I want to do to her hot body! It was probably her forth or fifth time at my place alone when her phone rang and she answered it and after a minute or so she tells the person on the phone she is watching a guy jack off and not to be jealous, and there would be punishment if there was any more protesting. She described how my cock is rather large and how she loves to watch me beat it, then she said she might share and hung up.
She explained how she cuckolds her husband but sometimes he still thinks he has a say in anything. She also said that part of the arrangement they have is she won't actually fuck someone else unless she does it in front of him so he gets the added humiliation of having to watch her getting sexual gratification from other men..
She said that she might have me and my big cock jerk off so he can see what it looks like when a real cock is beat off. Apparently his dick is only three inches when rock hard!!!
She wraps her tits around my cock and as she is tittie fucking me she makes me agree to go to her house and jack off for her and her husband.

I'll write about what happened after that shortly!!!

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