Thursday, April 11, 2013

Total humiliation when Vicki walks in as I'm fucking my blow-up doll!!

I was fucking the doll hard missionary style when Vicki walked in!!
She thought it was the most pathetic thing she has seen!! She said she knew I was a jerk off loser but had no idea how much of a pervert I really am. I tried to stop fucking the doll but she insisted I continue so she could watch me pathetically fucking a blow-up sex doll!!! She teased me with her hot body as she told me I was a loser who didn't deserve any pussy. She made me admit I wished I could fuck her and then made me pretend I was fucking her as I fucked the doll. She really got a kick out of watching me pretend to fuck her as she laughed at how pathetic I looked fucking a blow-up sex doll!! She made me beg and promise to do whatever she ordered. I had to beg to cum and then got out her phone and got video of me as I shot cum all over myself!!
When I was done she made me go buy her enough alcohol for her whole party, which was several hundred dollars worth of liquor!! When I returned with the booze I could hear her telling one of her friends what she caught me doing!!

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