Monday, April 1, 2013

Ashley comes over by herself so she can get fucked real hard!!

Ashley came over in the morning, alone, and she said that while she has had plenty of sex, she has never been fucked real hard, like she fantasizes about. She said she was pretty sure I could fuck like she wanted to be fucked and asked if I would fuck the shit out of her.
As she was talking she was taking off her clothes and was now sitting in front of me completely nude and fondling her amazing tits to tease me. After we both agreed to never tell anyone what we were about to do, I asked her how she wanted to start. She slid onto her knees and wrapped her tits around my cock and started titty fucking me. I can't believe how fucking amazing her tits are!! She started sucking my cock, running her mouth up and down the sides, sliding it all the way into her mouth, this girls knows how to suck a dick!! I pushed her back onto the coffee table and started fucking her missionary style. Slow building up speed, hammering all the way in till my balls slapped off her ass. I had her feet up on my shoulders as I really started fucking her hard. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide and pounded that pussy hard! I flipped her over grabbed the back of her hair and pulled it back hard as I pounded her from behind! She was moaning and groaning and screaming she was going to cum AGAIN as I had one had pulling her hair back and one hand on her shoulder pulling her back into me as I pumped my cock into her as hard and deep as I could, my balls slapping off her clit!! She was shaking and quaking and twitching and I could feel her pussy cumming on my cock!! I had her get into position leaning on the couch so I could pile drive her. I gave it to her hard, watching her tits bounce around!! I pounded her as hard as I could till she was screaming she was going to cum AGAIN!! After feeling her cum all over my cock I pulled out, flipped her around and shot cum all over her face!!
She was mad about me cumming on her face, but she was so happy about getting fucked like she wanted!! She got dressed and thanked me for fucking her and said she was going to meet her boyfriend for lunch so she had to go...

There is much more to tell y'all about so stay tuned!!!

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