Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sky and Ashley come over and bring Ashley's mother!!!

Apparently Sky and Ashley were talking about how much fun they had teasing and watching me masturbate, and what they were going to do next time. Ashley's mother overheard everything and insisted they bring her along because she was concerned for their "safety"....

Sky and Ashley walked in the door and announced Ashley's mom was with them. Tina, Ashley's mother walked in dressed like a fucking slut and started grinning from ear to ear as soon as she saw my hand pumping up and down my rock hard cock. Tina never took her eyes off my cock as she tried to explain she was just trying to protect her daughter and wanted to make sure I wasn't out to hurt the girls...  I understood her concern and let her know I wasn't some perv who lured little girls over to watch me beat off, that it was Sky who approached me about watching me and then she brought Ashley over, I didn't initiate anything. And that now still without any effort on my part, the three of them were there watching me jack off!!! And by the smiles on there faces they were enjoying the show!!!
The three of them were whispering and laughing as they watched me masturbate when Tina's phone rang, she told the person on the phone that she was watching a guy masturbate and then said she would prove it. She hung up the phone and turned on the phones camera and started recording me beating my meat!! She recorded me for a minute or two then sent off the video clip to her friend. After viewing the clip the friend called and requested more video, so Tina recorded me jacking off with her phone!!
Ashley and Sky take off their tops and begin fondling their fucking amazing tits!!! Holy shit, it wasn't long till I couldn't hold back from cumming. With the girls teasing me with their awesome tits and Ashley's mother using her phone to video record me jacking off, I fucking came SSSSOOOOO damn hard!!! I sprayed cum all over myself and the couch I was sitting on!!
They thanked me for the show and were once again giggling and laughing as they walked away....

And of course there is more to tell about these women!!!!


  1. Looking forward to hearing about your next antic with these sluts...and of course, I'll be obsessively masturbating my penis until then.

  2. i sure wish they know me, i 'd show them how much i masturbate.john rossetti the sicko wanker