Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I was totally humiliated when Sky and her cousin walked in on me fucking my blow-up sex doll!!

Sky told her cousin about how she would come over and watch me masturbate. Her cousin, Ashley, wanted to see a guy beat off and had just turned 18.
It was a little before noon and I was fucking the shit out of my blow-up sex doll. I was moaning and groaning and talking dirty to it like she was a real girl!!! I was fucking her missionary position with her legs spread wide, pounding that pussy hard!! The door opened and I saw Sky, I could feel my face getting red, then she stepped to the side and introduced her cousin Ashley. I almost came right then, this little girl is so fucking hot and here I am fucking the shit out of a plastic blow-up sex doll!! I stopped fucking the doll and was so humiliated I didn't know what I should do.. Sky and Ashley looked at each other and burst out laughing, then Ashley said that was the hottest fucking thing she has ever seen and said I should continue. I fucked the doll in front of them for a little bit and then I talked them into letting me switch to my FleshLight... Ashley was watching my cock go in and out of the FkeshLight, she looked up a couple of times and caught me looking at her tits. She asked if I liked her tits, and I admitted, yes, I liked them a lot. She took off her top and began fondling her magnificent tits!! It didn't take too long till I couldn't hold back any more.. I pulled my cock out of the FleshLight and started pumping it with my hand till I sprayed cum all over the place!!! Ashley put her top on and the girls left, whispering and laughing as they walked away...

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  1. the humiliation!!! it is what i need to stroke to idiocy. j.rossetti