Friday, January 4, 2013

She has been wanting to watch a guy beat off ever since she caught her brothers friend masturbating!!

Sky, the girl who lives below Beth and Vicki asked if she could watch me masturbate... She said that about three years ago
her brothers friend stopped by to hang out with her brother. Her brother wasn't home from work and his friend went into his bedroom to wait for him. About ten minutes later her brother called and said he had to stay another hour at work and asked Sky to tell his friend. She opened the door to her brothers room and his friend was laying across his bed with his pants down around his ankles and his fist pumping up and down his cock. She said he turned bright red and tried to hide his hard cock, after she realized what she had just caught him doing she apologized. He quickly pulled up his pants and ran out the door. It was the first time she had seen a guy masturbating and was turned on by it and has wanted to watch a guy beating off ever since. She said there was no way her husband would ever do anything like that, and he was the only person she has dated since then. She just turned 18 and her husband is on the road quite often.
She sat and watched me masturbate for several hours and then came back the next morning and watched all day...
She has been back several times since then and usually stays for several hours, sometimes all night, if her husband is not in town...
She loves to hear me tell her how I would fuck her, in great detail, as I beat off for her... She can barely contain her self when I cum in front of her while fantasizing about fucking her!!


  1. I just discovered your blog today; it's awesome!! I'm a masturbator too, and it's so cool to read about someone like me... I love the pics; you really have good taste in women....

  2. I have met with a similar situation twice in my life : my wife's best friend had never seen her husband masturbate nor anyone at that ... once she caught me wanking in the bathroom at her home where we were staying for a day or two : instead of sayig sorry she asked me to carry on since it was something she had always craved for watching : a chap jerk off and cum ; which I did taking my time so that she could fulfil her dream. Once I had cummed she retired silently - but years after a similar situation occurede and Without asking she stayed on til the cum explosion. Never said a word about it to anyone.

    1. I experienced the same situation exactly - wife's best friend, staying for a day or two etc. - Sha had never seen a guy wanking nor cumming ... she was delighted to have her dream come true. The situation was repeated four times - she took me by surprise, entered the room, bathroom all of a sudden catching me in the act and stayed on.Never said a word during or after the process...