Thursday, January 10, 2013

Neighbor will let me masturbate to her tits if I pay for her alcohol!!

Beth stops by and asked if I would pay for some alcohol for her and her friends because is broke from the holidays.
She asked if I would trade paying for her booze for her taking off her top and letting me beat off to her tits. We agreed on her putting on a show for me before I bought her alcohol and then her coming back later that night and putting on another show...
She took off her top and began fondling her tits, she put on a great show as I furiously pounded my fist up and down my cock. She buried my face between her tits then slid down and tittie fucked me. She stopped before I came and we went to get her alcohol. I got back home and beat off remembering her tits wrapped around my cock!!!
She came back later as promised but asked if she could show me her tits another time, she said she would make it worth the wait so I had no problem with waiting...


  1. You're so lucky, that is a huge fantasy of mine...

  2. luv your blog bro, and all your masturbation experiences!