Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tara drops by alone to get fucked like her mother did!!

It is super humiliating to have the person you are fantasizing about fucking walk in and catch you!! I was pretending to be fucking Tara, she used to be so fucking hot and was always such a cunt to me, I wanted her so bad. I was moaning her name and she fucking burst out laughing in my face. I turned  super red and tried to hide what I was doing. She reminded me that I have always been and will always be a fucking jerk off loser. She began taking off her clothes as she told me about the conversation she had with her mother and how surprised she was when she heard I could satisfy a woman, and how shocked she was when her mother told her she should have sex with me and it will be one of the best fucks she will ever have..
She told me I better not disappoint her, and I better not tell anyone. I began grudge fucking her mouth, I enjoyed hearing her choking on my cock. She was such a fucking bitch to me years ago and it was pay back time!!! I flipped her over and fucking pounded the shit out of her pussy, rolled her over and watched her titties bounce up and down as I pummeled her mercilessly! She was moaning about cumming again and again!! I waited till she asked me to fuck her ass before I really tore her asshole up, I fucked her real fucking hard!! After I felt I had pounded her enough I pulled my cock out of her and before she knew anything I was cumming on her bitch face!!!!
She laid there for over an hour before she tried to get up, she couldn't believe how hard she had gotten fucked and much she liked it. I wouldn't let her wipe my cum off her and she walked out the door with it all over her face. walked like a cowgirl!!!

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