Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Edging for hours and days!!

It is so amazing!!! I can never stop!!! I love edging!! I live to edge!!! I never want to do anything else!!! Oh fuck yes, yes, yes!!! I love getting so close!!! fuck yes!!!!! I'mmmmm sooooo fuuuckkkinggg cccllooosssseeee!!!!!! YES YES!!! Fuck I love love love this!!! Yes yes yes fuck me yes this is the fucking best!!! Getting fucking high, watching porn, and fucking edging the fuck out of my cock!!! Fucking unbelievably infuckingsane, I'm pushing the edge again, legs twitching and shaking, back arched, moaning loudly, fuck yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck yeah!! I love being a loser stroke addict, this feeling is mind bending, absolutely addicting, fucking intense, toe curling, hair straightening, pleasure so unbelievably strong washing through every fiber of my body.. It keeps building stronger... there is no way it could feel better, then it does, again and again, pounding like waves on the shore, bigger and bigger waves coursing through me. I FUCKING LOVE THIS!!!!

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  1. I wonder what would happen if you were put into a chastity cage