Sunday, November 17, 2013

Forced to humiliate myself in front of every female at a party with Amber!!

Amber loves to show everyone what she can make me do.
She got an invitation to a femdom party and really got a kick out of making me do all sorts of humiliating things to entertain her and the other guests.. The party was the first weekend in October and she thought in would be great fun if she made me fuck a FleshLight standing in the back yard where every went to smoke. I was completely nude and had to moan and groan and act like I was really getting laid. That was incredibly humiliating and so she decided I needed to degrade myself even more by telling every female that came outside how hot they were and how much I would like to fuck them but I am a fucking loser that only gets to fuck a FleshLight!!

Some of the women just laughed at me, some of them made fun of me, and others teased me and told me how to fuck my FleshLight. Whenever Amber came outside she had a great time making me tell in great detail what I liked most about whatever woman she was standing next to, admit how badly I would like to fuck her, admit what a jerk off I am and beg for permission to continue jerking off. Some of the women there were fucking incredibly hot, at times I was really struggling to keep from cumming, and every time I was really fighting to hold back Amber would use her riding crop on my bare ass to remind me that I ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT even think about cumming without her express permission. A few really hard whacks would take me away from the edge of orgasm for awhile!!

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