Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Amber throws beach party and makes me be the naked servant for everyone there!!

Amber decided to throw a party at a nearby beach, and of course she had to show off her naked jerk-off slave!!
She reserved one of the spots on the beach with a fire pit and we arrived late afternoon around three-ish. The sun was still out but Amber didn't give a shit, being the slave I had to set everything up, of course I had to be completely naked the whole time. I had everything set up in about 30 minutes, I could have been done sooner but Amber and a couple of her friends were sitting on beach chairs laughing at me and teasing me and having me perform different sex acts for their entertainment.
I had to cook all the food, serve it to everyone, take care of everyone's drinks, keep the fire roaring, and do whatever else anyone told me to. About 20 people were there around 7 pm and I was pretty busy with tending to everyone, doing whatever they wanted to see me do made it quite hectic. One of the few really enjoyable thing was that Sky sat by the cooking area which was where the coolers were and when I was going to get someone a drink she would slide her lips up and down my rock hard cock a few times, or she would pull her top up and give me a quick titty fuck!! After the majority of the people had left Amber had sit so all the remaining females could see me and jack off while they laughed and teased and carried on..
By around midnight all the women except Sky had fallen asleep and she was not going to stop with the having fun with me naked.. She gave me a fucking awesome blowjob, then laid on the sand while I titty fucked her and what she told me to do next I'm going to start a new post to tell y'al about!!!.

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