Monday, November 18, 2013

Here is my response to all the emails I get telling me that I need to quit masturbating because of the senders beliefs..

I pretty regularly get emails that tell me I am a sinner and that I must totally quit masturbating because it is against the senders deeply held beliefs, I don't usually respond but I thought I would try posting a response to all past and future emails against my masturbation.
Let me start by saying I didn't ask you to checkout my blog, nor in any way did I entice or trick you into visiting and you were not forced to read any of the content. You also were specifically warned that this blog contained adult material! I do not try to talk anybody into masturbating, I simply write about my experiences and fantasies. I do not now belong nor do I ever see myself  belonging to any church, group, organization or belief system that has the opinion that masturbation is wrong or is looked down upon in any way. You may decide not to masturbate for whatever reason you like but that in no way influences my masturbation habits. I don't belong to your church or cult and your deities ideas, wishes, thoughts, and/or demands  regarding masturbation are not any concern to me. Let me again state that you are free to believe whatever you choose. I like beating off, i really really like it A LOT, and do it frequently. Do I jerk off too much, perhaps, but that is not your decision and frankly is none of your business. I am pounding my fist up and down my cock as I am writing this and have been beating off all day today. If you choose to deny yourself the pleasure of masturbation that is your business, although I can't understand why you would do so.
With that said, if you don't like masturbation then don't do it, if you don't want to read about it then you should leave this blog. Don't try to change me, and I won't try to change you. I've got to go now so I can continue jacking off, I'm getting close to cumming and want to fully enjoy it....

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