Sunday, November 17, 2013

When most of the people had left the party....

When there were only about 10 women still at the party Amber saw me looking at some of their hot bodies more than others and ordered me to describe what I liked about the ones I looked at most. Then she had me try to explain why I felt I had the right to like any of them less than any other. I am doing this while standing in front of all of them and fucking my FleshLight.
They laughed and teased and jeered and made fun of me as I told them every humiliating detail. Amber then decided to blindfold me so I could not see any of them!!! I was teased and had titties rubbed on my face and what felt like cocks slapping my face as I kept fucking.. Soon I was made to lay down on the coffee table as they took turns riding my face as I kept fucking the FleshLight. I made a few of them cum pretty hard with my tongue!! After they were finished riding my face there was only three women left in the room. Amber fell asleep on the couch and the two remaining women had me kneel right in front of them and keep fucking the FleshLight. One of them was, to me, the hottest at the party all night and she was having a great time telling me what a pervert and a pathetic loser jerk off I am. It was so humiliating as she made me confess how badly I wanted her while laughing in my face about everything that I admitted to. I couldn't believe my eyes as she took her top off and after teasing me with her bare breasts she removed her pants. She sat naked in front of me and teased the fucking shit out of me. She told me to put the FleshLight down as she told me I would be punished if I didn't fuck her exactly the way she wanted.
She is so fucking smoking hot and I was scared I wouldn't be able to handle it. I was fighting a massive cum shot and I was really struggling to keep from exploding. I fucked her just like she told me to and when she had cum a few times she told me there was no way she was going to let me cum anywhere near her smoking hot body and I had to continue fucking my FleshLight because loser jerk offs like me don't deserve anything else.
Another female wandered into the room and after laughing at how sad and pathetic I looked standing there fucking a fake pussy she decided I had been put through enough and she wanted to see me cum. The closer I got to cumming the harder she laughed and the more she teased me. As got to the very edge of exploding she had me slow down, she kept me edging for what seemed like for ever. She had her top off and tormented me with her tits, pushing me farther towards exploding, then at the very last moment bringing me back just a bit, only to push farther again. I was losing my mind trying to keep from cumming, I was moaning and groaning and begging her for permission to explode. Finally I was told to pull me cock out and jack it with my fist till I spray cum all over myself. She made me lean back and told me to shower myself with my cum as she laughed in my face at what a pathetic loser I am. She pulled out her phone and started recording me cumming as she made fun of my orgasm face and laughing hysterically as cum exploded all over me. I was  not allowed to clean up at all and sat there covered in cum till morning...

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