Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jill comes back to see friends and teaches Amber and Sky how to control me and make me do anything!!!

Jill was in town to visit some friends and of course she used me for everything and anything she wanted!! It started out pretty simple, I had to drive her and her friends around everywhere they wanted to go, of course I was completely nude, and usually had to get out and open the doors for the girls!!
I had to help the girls take any items they purchased into their homes, put gas in the suv, go through fast food drive-through windows, all completely nude!! We were waiting for a friend of hers to finish getting ready to go out, as usual I was jacking off for her entertainment, she asked me about any females I was spending any time with and I told her about Amber and her sister Sky. After telling her all the details of my feelings for the girls and my interactions with them, she insisted on meeting them right away. We went back to my place and saw Sky as we walked up to my door, Jill asked Sky to get her sister and join us at my place.. When they arrived I was fucking my blow-up doll and begging Jill for mercy, even though i'm just a pathetic, constantly masturbating, jerk toy that doesn't deserve anything but the harshest punishment. Jill was having a great time laughing at me as she took pictures and video of me and sending them to her friends and posting them who knows where.
Jill taught Sky and Amber how to be in total control of me, how to make me do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING they wished. She taught them that I was to always be treated like the fucking lame jerk off that I truly am, and showed them how much fun it could be to make me humiliate myself for their entertainment. I spent the rest of the time Jill was in town doing more and more humiliating tasks for the girls amusement and to show Amber and Sky how to properly keep me as their bitch.
I will write some more posts about the humiliating scenes and tasks I went through for their amusement, and also what I am made to do be Amber and Sky since Jill has gone back home....

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