Sunday, June 14, 2015

My step sisters and their friends loved seeing me fuck my blow-up sex doll.

The girls were teasing me about being a loser and jacking off in front of them and they where talking about ways to humiliate me even more when Debbie told them that I have a blow-up sex doll and they made me fuck it right there in front of them. They cheered and laughed at me as I brought the doll out. I was so ashamed and humiliated as I slid my dick in the doll and began fucking it. The girls demanded a good show and wanted me to act like it was a real girl and it was the best fuck of my life. They were all laughing at me as I fucked that doll as hard as I could. It wasn't too long till I heard one of the girls commenting that she hadn't been fucked that good in a long time and that she was jealous of the doll. No matter how well I could fuck she made it clear that I would never get to fuck her or anyone close to as hot as she is. They took off their tops so they could tease me more with their bare tits, as they fondled and caressed their really awesome fucking tits. I began having real troubles holding back, all those amazing fucking titties, holy shit it was getting to be too much for me to handle. They could tell that I was struggling and the teased me even harder. Off and on the whole night some of them would have their phone out and be recording me however now all of them where getting video of me. They were laughing about what my cum face would be like, if would be the same as when I was a teenager or if it was different now. They all were mocking me and teasing and taunting me to cum for them, cum from fucking the shit out of a plastic blow-up sex doll, putting on a show for all of them to see what a loser jack-off I still am. One of them came over and stuffed my face between her perfect tits and that was all I could take. I pulled my dick out of the sex doll and jerked my cock as I came super fucking hard. All the ladies erupted in cheers and laughter at the sight of me shooting big loads of cum in front of all of them!!

There is much more to tell, I will begin writing the next post right away!!

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  1. This post reminds me of the time my mistress made me fuck two twin blow-up sex dolls in front of her five friends. I was so ashamed of myself for doing them. They all laughed at me and called me a pervert. Humpy humpy hump.I was having so much fun till I first spunked in doll number one then doll number two. The act of climaxing in two dolls was so embarrassing. She made me suck my cum out of one while she road my ass with a strapon. Don't tell anyone.