Monday, May 25, 2015

Both step sisters, and some of their friends from high school, come back to make me masturbate in front of them!

Michelle called some of her friends that knew me back in high school and told them all about the masturbation show I performed for her and they all wanted to see for themselves what a stroker slut I am. Of course I had to provide everyone's beverages for the evening, Michelle made me give her $600 for all the alcohol. I thought she was trying to get some money to put in her pocket but she came back with a huge selection of booze and I didn't stop to think what that meant. It meant that she was planning on a lot of her friends showing up and each drinking a whole lot!!

I stood in front of the women and pounded my fist up and down my cock as they laughed and teased and humiliated me. These were the hottest girls in school and they were still fucking smoking hot. Every one of them used to tease me when they would come over to our house and now I'm standing in front of them completely naked and jacking off. Showing them what a chronic masturbator I've become, even more than in high school, and that's impressive considering how much I beat off back then! They had a great time making me admit all the shameful and humiliating details of who I thought about most when I masturbated and what parts of their body's I fantasized about and how many times a day I would beat off dreaming about fucking them!!

Most of the girls had seen me jack off as a teen, although I didn't know about it till just a few years ago. Some had caught me beating my meat, usually after showing some flesh "accidentally" or some times just to tease me. They knew I was going to masturbate to them so they would wait a couple minutes then just walk right in wherever I had gone to pull on my pecker. I was so dumb that I didn't know they knew exactly what I was going to do, I just thought I had bad luck and they randomly needed something from wherever I was pounding on my cock. They laughed about how they used to wait till I was walking by to take off their tops, again I thought I was just randomly getting to see their tits as I walked down the hallway. They told me that every female at that high school knew about my constant masturbation, told me how they loved to brag to anyone who would listen about how they would get me to jack off all the time.

There is lots more to tell about the rest of the night, I get to work on another blog post right away!!!

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