Saturday, May 23, 2015

Oldest step sister is in town and I am forced to masturbate in front of two of my step sisters!!!

I was fucking my fleshlight when in walked my step sister Debbie and my oldest step sister Michelle. I haven't seen Michelle for about twenty years, not much has changed, she is still fucking gorgeous and I'm still a fucking pathetic stroker slut. Michele immediately started laughing at me, saying she always knew I was never going to stop being a chronic masturbator. Debbie was the nicest to me of all my step step sisters and Michelle was probably the meanest and cruelest, she seemed to enjoy making my life miserable. She quickly pulled out her cell phone and took some pictures which she sent to her friends and then started calling her old friends from when we were teens to tell them what she was watching me do. She described in detail how I was masturbating for their entertainment, making it sound as humiliating as possible, of course.

I had been masturbating in front of them for almost two hours when they wanted me to cum for them, Michelle said she wanted to see if my "cum face" (the face I make when I am cumming) is just as hilarious as it was when I was younger. Both of them were using their phones to record video of me cumming. I came super hard and cum shot all over me, drenching me with every stroke. My step sisters made sure I knew what a loser they thought I was. They also said they would be back the next day with some friends who want to see what a complete jerk-off addict I am..

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