Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wendy moves her best friend into my bedroom, I now sleep on couch!!

Wendy decided to have her best friend Jill move in and that she should have her own room and since I am such a chronic masturbator and her slave, that I should give up my room and sleep on the couch. It has also been decided that I am to be nude at all times and if I am allowed to wear clothes they will be given to me by one of
the girls. They both love to tease the shit out of me, for example they come out in the morning either completely naked or at least topless and will fondle their tits while taunting me. When I am barely able to keep from exploding they love to tease even more like sometimes rubbing my face between their tits!! I am quickly begging for permission to cum and just as quickly am denied.
Since I no longer have a room to go to if they don't want me in the living room I am sent to beat off in the kitchen or sometimes even the back yard. When I am sent to the kitchen I usually have to sit or stand facing the corner and have to keep my head pointed towards the corner until told otherwise.
Did I leave out that Jill is a MAJOR slut and loves to have me masturbating while watching her get fucked. If not watching at least in the next room so I can beat off to the sounds of her getting pounded!! She rarely has the same guy for more than a day or two, sometimes more than one new guy in the same day!! After she gets fucked she likes to make me tell her how turned on I was,  how close I was to cumming and much I wish I was fucking her. She loves to hear me admitting how fucking hot I think she is while I am beating off in front of her, getting me worked up till I am ready to cum then telling me what she thinks of me for my non stop masturbation and reminding me that I don't stand a chance with her. If that doesn't get me away from the edge of orgasm she loves to use the riding crop on my bare ass, a few really hard whips usually does the trick...

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