Monday, December 12, 2011

Wendy makes me carry her books between classes at college!!

In the mornings she goes to high school then she has some afternoon and evening classes at the near by junior college. I take her to and from high school and for her college classes I am there as the class lets out then I carry all of her stuff to the next classroom. While she is in class I go home and beat off till it is time to go back.

She has told everyone who will listen about me being her slave (or her bitch as she calls me), and all about how she keeps me naked at all times when I am at home and how I am constantly beating off! She really loves to ask me about how I masturbating just a few minutes before I arrived at her classroom, she asks for the details and tries to make sure as many female students can hear her questions and especially my answers. On the occasions where I have been ordered to talk to one of the other students I had to introduce myself as a chronic masturbator who is owned by Wendy. It is amazing how humiliating it is to tell a hot eighteen of nineteen year old that I masturbate non stop, it's almost unbearable since they almost always bust out laughing at me.

Quite an adventure having her living with me, she seems to get off on finding new ways to torment and torture me!!!! Gotta go meet her when her class ends... more later.... 

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