Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here's another coversation I had with my stepmother when I was a teen

This conversation took place about a month or so after I moved to California to live with my dad, his wife, and her daughters. That would be his smoking hot wife and daughters!! I was still not fitting in well in the new family environment and I was still unable to understand why my stepmother was being so unfriendly, if not down right hostile towards me. As I was walking past her and my dads room on my way to my bedroom she called my name and said she wanted to talk to me. I turned towards their bedroom and she is sitting at her makeup desk wearing only thong underwear, I had just finished breakfast and was still wearing my pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. That would be my real thin pajama bottoms and no boxers underneath, which really made an embarrassingly large tent as my dick got hard! She giggled and made a reference to the growing bulge in my pj's.

She continued putting on makeup as she told me that she strongly suspected that I was masturbating frequently and she was upset that I might be thinking about her or her daughters while beat off. I didn't know what to say, I was afraid she somehow knew the truth, that I beat off all the time and fantasized about her and her daughters! I was panicked trying to figure out how she knew as she began putting lotion on her body. She came over and sat facing me on the edge of the bed putting lotion on her legs, she worked her way up to her stomach then she looked right at me as she put lotion on her tits. She was telling me how she wanted to feel safe in her house and she wasn't comfortable with me masturbating thinking about her and her daughters. She told me how ashamed I should be, standing there in front of my stepmother with a raging hardon! I couldn't believe this was happenning to me as she continued to humiliate me about how she was sure I was going to go jerk off as soon as we were done talking.
I could feel my face getting hot as she laughed at me for being embarrassed and so obviously aroused! I wanted to go to room but she wasn't done yet. She started asking me really embarrassing questions about how beautiful I thought her and her daughters were. Then after making admit I thought they were smoking hot she told me she was thinking about talking to my dad about sending me back to my mothers house because I was such a pervert!
I didn't want to go back and she made me beg her not to talk to my dad about what a pervert she thought I was. My not wanting to go back was another advantage she had over me and she exploited it fully. She finally said she was done talking to me and I was about halfway to my room when she called my name and as I around she was fully eyeing the bulge in my pants as she said she was impressed with my equipment. I could feel my face getting even hotter and I turned back around and went into my room.
I closed the door, got naked and started pounding my fist up and down my cock. I stood stroking my cock for a few minutes before i went and laid on my bed and continued beating off. It wasn't long till I heard footsteps in the hallway, I jumped up and managed to just barely get my pj bottoms on before she walked into my room. She said she wanted to see if I was jacking off, she looked at my crotch and said while she didn't catch me, she still thought I was a pervert that masturbated all the time. She laughed at me as she walked out of my room saying sooner or later she was going to catch me being the perverted masturbator she knew I was. As soon as the door closed I ripped my pajama bottoms off and stood there with a raging boner for a few minutes listening for her come back down the hallway. I laid on the bed and continued beating my meat hard and fast, it wasn't too long till I exploded all over the place!! My cock was still throbbing when I heard Pat coming down the hallway again so I jumped up put on my pj bottoms and tried to wipe the cum off me before she walked in and saw me!!!

I hope somebody enjoys reading about these conversations, I have many more to write about if anyone is interested......

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